Top 10 Smartphones

twitter-logoNidhi Singal | Print Edition: July 2013

Gadgets & Gizmos gives you the specs of top smartphones in different categories -

Top 10 smartphones (Price more than Rs 20,000)

1. APPLE iPHONE 5 (Price: Rs  45,500)

Specs: 4.0-inch display; iOS 6; 1.2GHz dual core Apple A6 processor; 16GB
Plus: Super fast performance, Sleek Looks
Minus: Price

2 HTC ONE(Rs 42,900)

Specs: 4.7-inch display; Android v4.1; 1.7GHz quad core processor; 32GB onboard storage
Plus: Camera; Minus: Battery

3 SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 (Rs 41,490)

Specs: 5-inch display; Android 2.2; 1.6GHz + 1.2GHz quad-core processor; 16GB onboard; 64 GB expandable memory.
Plus: Performance; Minus: Camera in low light

4. LG NEXUS 4 (Rs 25,999)

Specs: 4.7-inch display; Android v4.2; 1.5GHz quad core processor; 2 GB RAM;
Plus: Pure Android
Minus: NA

5. BLACKBERRY Z10 (Rs 43,490)

Specs: 4.2inch display; BlackBerry Z10; 1.5GHz dual-core processor
Plus: Performance;
Minus: Battery

6. BLACKBERRY Q10 (Rs 44,990)

Specs: 3.1-inch display; 8 MP camera;1.5Ghz dual core processor; BlackBerry OS 10
Plus: QWERTY keypad
Minus: Apps


Specs: 5.5 inch display; Android v4.1; 1.6Ghz quad-core processor; 16GB onboard.
Plus: Super fast performance
Minus: NA

8. NOKIA LUMIA 920 (Rs 35,000)

Specs: 4.5-inch display; 8 MP camera;1.5Ghz dual core processor; 32GB memory.
Plus: Camera;
Minus: WP 8

9. SONY XPERIA Z (Rs 38,990)

Specs: 5.0-inch display; Android v4.1; 1.5GHz quad core processor; 2 GB RAM; 13.1MP;
Plus: Camera
Minus: NA

10. APPLE IPHONE 4 (Rs 26,500)

Specs: 3.5-inch display; iOS; 16GB onboard memory; 1GHz processor.
Plus: Apple App Store
Minus: iTunes Syn

Top 5 smartphones (Price less than Rs 20,000)

1. NOKIA LUMIA 800 (Price: Rs 18,867)

Specs: 3.7 inch capacitive display; Windows Phone 7.5; 1.4 Ghz processor; 16GB internal storage; 8 MP camera
Plus: Design
Minus: Old operating system

2. BLACKBERRY 9220 (Rs10,990)

Specs:2.44 inch display; BB OS 7.1; 512 MB internal, 32 GB expandable; 2MP camera
Plus: Affordable BB
Minus: No 3G

3. SONY XPERIA U (Rs 12,990)

Specs: 3.5 inch display; Android v2.3; 8GB internal; 5MP camera
Plus: Affordable Android
Minus: OS

4. HTC DESIRE C (Rs 11,400)

Specs: 3.5 inch display; Android v4.0; 600 Mhz processor; 4GB internal storage
Plus: Android;
Minus: Processor

5. NOKIA LUMIA 620 (Rs 15,199)

Specs: 3.8 inch display; Windows Phone 7.5; 8GB internal; 5MP camera
Minus: OS

Top 5 Dual SIM smartphones

1. SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND (Price: Rs 21,500)

Specs: 5 inch capacitive display; Android v4.1; 1.2 Ghz dual core processor; 8GB internal storage; 8 MP camera
Plus: Design
Minus: Dual SIM on call forwarding


Specs:5 inch display; Android v4.1; 4GB internal, 32 GB expandable; 8 MP camera
Plus: Performance
Minus: NA

3. SONY TIPO (Rs 12,990)

Specs: 3.2 inch display; Android v4.0; 2.9GB internal; 3.15MP camera
Plus: Dual-SIM
Minus: Display

4. INTEX AQUA 5.0 (Rs 9,990)

Specs: 5.0 inch display; 1GHz dual core processor; 4GB onboard storage
Plus: Dual SIM, Price;
Minus: NA

5. LAVA IRIS 501 (Rs 9,499)

Specs: 5 inch display; Android 4.0; 4GB internal; 5MP camera
Minus: built

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