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Windows Phone
Inspired by cricketer Yuvraj Singh's fight against cancer, this app inspsires people to fight the scourge. The app features Yuvi's story with visuals. More importantly, there is a tile that talks about how one can prevent cancer. It discusses the different types of cancers and has some trivia and facts. Explaining how cancer cells grow, the app talks about early detection and screening. Ther is also a join-and-donate option for those who feel like helping out. Plus, you can take part in contests and check out merchandise. However, this app is a bit expensive at Rs 565.

Yoga Nidra Meditation
The Yoga Nindra Meditation app help you relax as well as sustain deep relaxation. The app claims it works even if one is getting bored, lacks focus or is sleeping. The app has different sessions of 7, 18 and 25 minutes. Optionally, you can also select a music file to play in the background. When started, a voice guides us what to do-the display was black with shades of yellow. There was also a coundown timer. When we first tried using this app, we dozed off. Second time, we followed what the app suggested us to do like move the head, shoulders, focus on the breath, etc. This is a useful app for those starting out with meditation.

What's My IQ
Developed by Orangenose Studios, this is a creative puzzle with absurd solutions. Some of the puzzles it throws up are really wacky and one has to think out of the box to crack them. Launch the app and it warns you about the absurd questions. There are hints available if needed, but the app will call you a cheat for this. To some it might be a useless game, but it can add fun to a boring day at home or breathe life into a dull party. The app features 50 cunning questions that will take some time to answer. The app can also be linked to Facebook profiles where you can share your IQ score with your friends. The addictive app is available for iPad as well.

Google Maps
Till now, we were using Google Maps for checking locations and getting directions. Now, Google has introduced voice navigation for India as a beta service. Once we keyed in a location and chose navigation, a new display popped up within Maps offering voice directions while showing the turns we had to follow. The directions were spot on. Along with voice navigation, Google has introduced live traffic updates in select Indian cities. The app shows traffic in three self explanatory colour codes of red, yellow and green.

Contacts to Excel
This app backs up all phone contacts to a new Excel sheet that can be stored in the phone, emailed and even opened on the PC. Use the app to select all contacts . We could uncheck the ones we did not want to backup. Once done, hitting the create option did the job. There is also an auto backup option which can automatically backup contacts on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The free version only offers backup, but the paid version allows you to email and edit the file.

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