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A sustained government expenditure on rural infrastructure will be critical to reduce rural distress.

"Lack of education, forces us to go into real estate and gold rather than financial assets"
Expected improvement in the economy is likely to spur demand in the three major real estate segments
"For investors, it's an opportunity to buy shares at 15-20 per cent less than what they were available for some time back"

Even in the case of discounts, investors should establish what the prices were prior to the discount announcement.

The spread of internet will present a huge opportunity for life insurers to turn conversations into connections
The demand for Indian debt from should continue to be strong, which will support the bond valuations
"There is need for transparency in gold pricing and the initiatives undertaken to encourage participation from end users in commodity markets"
One of the first things a buyer should do is a thorough background check of the builder in terms of time taken to complete a project