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With a stable government and overall decline in twin deficits, our macros have shown strong improvement.


While valuations appear stretched in some stocks and sectors, investors should have a longer time horizon.

Lenders are queuing up to disburse instant credit - through ATMs, apps and online services. Here's what you can expect.

Tax rules negate whatever advantages NPS has over mutual funds.

A handy guide to ensure that the sale of your property does not become a long-drawn process.

Certified Financial Planner Pankaaj Maalde analyses the finances of Pradeep Singh and Rupashree Mitra and suggests how they can fulfil their goals

Stocks of oil marketing companies have done exceptionally well of late. This may continue in the foreseeable future

The real estate sector has seen a rise in postive sentiment this year. Will the fervour continue this festive season?


We tell you ways to protect yourself from debit card frauds

 We tell you where these investments are headed in the next Samvat and what are the possible avenues that you can look at for growing your money.

"NPS in Tier II, it is probably better than what mutual funds offer"

"Low persistency in the 61st month is a problem for the industry. It was less than 20 per cent because 80 per cent policies go off the books in five years."

We bring you tips for making a financial plan so that you can lead a stress-free life.

With disruptive innovations transforming the digital payments space, India is slowly moving towards a cashless economy.

While buying a plot of land gives you a bigger sense of ownership, an apartment offers greater security. Read on to know what's best for you.

The face of the real estate sector is expected to change with implementation of GST and the RERA Act. But will these revive demand?

RERA will lead to a big shift in the coming yearsbut a lot more needs to be done