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Different Strokes

Painter, director on board of several companies... Manasi Tata wears many hats
Rukmini Rao | Print Edition: October 4, 2020
Different Strokes
Manasi Tata, Executive Director, Kirloskar Systems

Thirty one-year-old Manasi Tata always prefers to go off the beaten track.

The fifth-generation member of the Kirloskar group, Manasi sits on the board of several group companies. She looks at large business investments and creation of new verticals. The Executive Director of Kirloskar Systems was appointed the first United Nations in India Young Business Champion for sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2018 to work with the UN on issues, including climate change and women empowerment.

For Manasi, power is synonymous with responsibility, "Power is the ability of individuals to take control of their own actions and therefore be in a position to contribute to society in a positive and meaningful way."

She is also an avid painter. In fact, after finishing early schooling in Bengaluru, she chose to study Fine Arts over pursuing a business degree and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her designer streak is imprinted in the interiors of a multi-speciality hospital in Bengaluru.

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