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Chawla's Camping Expeditions

By the time Anil Chawla, Co-founder, Clix Capital, was in his mid-50s, he had managed to tick off Everest base camp from his bucket list
twitter-logoAnand Adhikari | Print Edition: February 7, 2021
Chawla's Camping Expeditions
Anil Chawla, Co-founder, Clix Capital

It was in his 40s that Anil Chawla, Co-founder, Clix Capital, who worked with American Express, AF Ferguson and GE Capital, began participating in marathons. He soon took to hiking and mountain climbing as well. "Hiking caught my fancy as it has the element of added challenge and tests endurance - something different from regular sports" says Chawla. His firm unsuccessfully bid for private sector Lakshmi Vilas Bank last month.

By the time Chawla was in his mid-50s, he had managed to tick off Everest base camp from his bucket list. "It takes time to plan and prepare for the ascent. The better you plan, the higher are the chances of having a successful and enjoyable ascent," says Chawla. One should also look at important aspects such as investing in a good pair of rugged mountaineering boots and a quality kit. "Ensure you are carrying plenty of food and water. Food needs to be high in energy and lightweight," he says.

So, what has been his biggest takeaway from climbing? "Overcoming your fears helps you reach greater heights. Meanwhile, preparation is the key to success and you should learn to pace yourself. When it's finally done, celebrate with companions," he says. Any plans for the next trip? "Definitely, YES!" he says, adding, "Nearer to the summit in a couple of years when travelling resumes."

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