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New kid on the laptop block

Laptops are a dime a dozen, but this HP machine is rather good.

     Print Edition: May 4, 2008

The confusing thing about buying a laptop is that there is so much choice for buying similar products. The HP dv3000, for instance, is a middle-of-the-market product when it comes to the price (Rs 54,000). But what we liked about this machine is that it had a better-than-expected feature set, including high-definition HDMI output with HDCP support (which means you can playback full-HD movies from this laptop onto your full HD flat panel display). It also has enough punch to handle Windows Vista Home Premium without much ado.

HP dv3000
HP dv3000
We also really liked HP’s latest QuickPlay software in the dv3000. This software, which launches DVDs and audio files, is good, unlike many other pre-installed media packages on laptops, and it even comes with a remote that also functions on the Windows Media Centre.

The problem with a slot remote, of course, is that it can get lost, but that is another issue, better left for another day. We liked the “capacitive” touch buttons, though these, too, are becoming run-of-the-mill for laptops in this price bracket. The problem with the dv3000 is the competition. You have the Dell XPS 1330 and the Apple MacBook. The Dell costs almost exactly the same and the similarly specified MacBook costs Rs 10,000 more. So, at the end of the day, no matter what anyone says in a review, much like a small car, you end up making a choice based on brand experience, or in the case of the Apple machine, the user interface.

Make no mistake, this is a very good machine for the price. We liked its metallic looks, the easy-to-use keyboard and the carbon-fibre inspired finish on the cover.

It looks good, has average battery life and very good specs. So, there is no reason you should not consider buying it, if you are looking at a personal laptop. It is just that you should take a look at the competition as well.

Kushan Mitra

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