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Digital photography+photo printer=great sense!

Kushan Mitra | Print Edition: December 28, 2008

We can safely say that you own a digital camera of some sort or another. And you probably have clicked hundreds, actually thousands and maybe tens of thousands of images over the past few years, which are lying scattered all over your computer. So, how do you sort things out?

The first step
Download Google’s Picasa ( or Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition ( Both these pieces of software are free and they not only allow you to edit away the blemishes on images, such as the dreaded ‘Red Eye’ of flash photography, but also play around with colours. This can dramatically improve an image. None of these are as good as something like Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is a paid piece of software but gets the job done much better. This software also allows you to sort out your images better, and if you really haven’t named your pictures or filed them in proper folders, this is a great help.

Get a printer
We suggest that you choose between either the HP C4588 (Rs 8,800) or Canon iP4680 (Rs 8,500). These are both highly capable but inexpensive printers and they both handle documents and children’s scrapbooks as well as pictures. Ink and paper still isn’t cheap, but our rudimentary math (minus the cost of the printer) shows that you can pretty much print a picture for between Rs 2.50-3.00 each. We mean a 4x6 print, of which you can get four on a sheet of A4 paper.

The shop option

Of course, you still have choices like HP’s Snapfish or itasveer which allow you to upload images online. Or you could always go to a retail outlet where you can take your Secure-Digital card into the slot or transmit the images through Bluetooth. Then simplychoose how you want the image printed.

Take that, Apple!
The iPhone3G is a beautiful device but at its pricepoint of over Rs 30,000 it is rather expensive. Not as highly priced as Samsung Mobile’s Omnia, which retails for Rs 45,000, but crazy none the less. So, when Nokia decided to launch its first proper touch screen device, Nokia 5800, people thought it would cost an arm and maybe a leg like the iPhone. But, at Rs 19,990, this device is actually affordable. It may not be the best touch screen device in the world, but Nokia has a habit of waltzing into the party late and stealing the show. We like the price and the device isn’t that bad either.

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