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An enterprise phone is much, much more than a phone.

Kushan Mitra        Print Edition: November 30 2008

Enterprise mobile devices, so-called because of their ‘enterprise’ focus with e-mail and application tools built-in, has long been the preserve of Canadian firm Research In Motion (RIM)—makers of the ubiquitous Blackberry devices. So, which is the best Blackberryfor you?

Blackberry 8100 ‘Pearl’
This is the ‘Cute’ BlackBerry, nice small form factor, nice to look at and easy to use. This is the perfect device for an ‘enterprise’ beginner, even though the ‘SureType’ key input might take some getting used to.
Starts from Rs 23,000* 

Blackberry 8300 ‘Curve’

The ‘Baby Berry’, the ‘Curve’ adds a full keyboard into a very nice little package and has been one of the most popular Blackberryhandsets ever. Newer models feature beefed up specifications, but the Curve faces serious competition from the likes of the Nokia E71.
Starts from Rs 24,000*

Blackberry 8800
This was until recently the ‘Daddy’ in the Blackberry family, with its no-compromise features. Though the entry of new device from competing firms has made RIM realise that it needed both new hardware and software. The 8800 is still the top-end Blackberry on CDMA networks of Reliance Mobile and Tata Indicom.
Starts from Rs 31,000*

Blackberry 9000 ‘Bold’
This is the new ‘Daddy’ of the Blackberry family, featuring an updated user interface and a simple yet effective new design, this device has been devised to keep the highend competition at bay. It addresses a lot of complaints users had with previous generation BlackBerrys but a CDMA-capable version of the Bold is yet to be launched.
Starts from Rs 36,000*

New Stars That Have Invaded the Blackberry Universe

Nokia E66
Small, light and reliable, the E66 is winning over fans mainly because of its design, you don’t get too many slim slider devices with e-mail. Plus, you get a few months of free voice-aided navigation thrown in.
Price:: Rs 20,000

HTC Touch Diamond
We liked this device when we used it, the touch screen and HTC’s own ‘touch-FLO’ interface worked rather well, but somehow at this price it has to be about more than just looks.
Price: Rs 28,000

Nokia E71
Full keyboard handsets were too big and too expensive Nokia took on Blackberryon their turf with this remarkably affordable device. The keys are a bit tiny, but you get used to them.
Price: Rs 20,000

SonyEricsson XPERIA X1
Part touch screen with a sliding keyboard, this phone surprises you in that despite the features, it doesn’t weigh a ton and it actually works rather well on Windows Mobile.
Price: Yet to be launched

Office files—While Windows Mobile users can use mobile versions of Microsoft Office, QuickOffice is the best office document editor available for mobile devices. The Editor software costs a bit—$20 (Rs 1,000). Check

Adobe reader for mobile is available again for all major mobile operating systems, but check your device to see if a reader is pre-loaded. A PDF editor, however, will cost you money. QuickOffice makes one but that costs $20 (Rs 1,000).

Maps are free thanks to Google Maps and a working data connection. Nokia is the only manufacturer that preloads India-specific maps and has voiceaided navigation on their devices. Check for the application.

Free e-mail is actually possible on your device thanks to Google. You can configure your device in two or three simple steps to accept Gmail, attachments and all. See your regular Gmail at to find details.

A new browser? Well, if you are unhappy with your existing browser, check out Opera’s Mobile browser— Opera Mobile—this is a lighter, easier browser to use for most mobile devices. Visit

Blackberry’s next-gen

Considering the damage it might create on the marketplace for the competition, this device is aptly named. But how much will it cost? And if it is attractively priced, will this touch screen device destroy the iPhone once and for all in India?

8200 ‘Flip’
This addresses the market of people who love the ‘clamshell’ form factor and also makes BlackBerry’s appeal to the ‘fashion’ set. But don’t think of this as a shallow device. Genetically it belongs to the Pearl family.

8900 ‘Javelin’
RIM will not confirm or deny the existence of the Curve’s replacement, but it is coming, and it will also feature the new interface that debuted on the Bold.e

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