Printed Circuit
Printed Circuit

After using the Nokia 6210 Navigator for a few days, we wonder why you would want a standalone navigation tool. Maybe, they have bigger touchscreen interfaces, but you can’t officially buy the really good standalone navigation systems from manufacturers like Garmin or TomTom.

Good things come in small packages—HP has gone and proven that. HP Mininote 2133 slots in comfortably between a high-end mobile phone and a full-fledged computer.
Three new “enterprise” phones are on the market. Are they worth it?
Mozilla’s Firefox 3 is lighter and more versatile than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.
Nokia is making sure that it gets its N-Gage gaming platform right the second time around.
The Lenovo X300 is the best ThinkPad to date.
While some magazines in India “discovered” Facebook in 2008, social networks have moved on. For one, the niche social network has emerged as a potent force.
The Bose SoundDock Portable is a great speaker, but is a mite too expensive.
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer now has to face two serious rivals.
Forget the Simputer, the mobile computer is here. In fact, it has been here for a while.
Data storage has never been smaller.
The Bose Computer MusicMonitor delivers great sound, compactness and ease of operation, but it is a tad expensive.
Need a reason to get a new console? Here is a very good one.
Flat Panel TVs are getting cheaper, so maybe, it’s time you bought one. Here’s a ready reckoner.
Laptops are a dime a dozen, but this HP machine is rather good.
The Sony Vaio TZ38 is as good looking as it is effective.
But a very big negative of this wonder device from Logitech is its prohibitive price tag.
HCL has launched a low-cost laptop, but it isn’t revolutionary.