Reporter's Diary
Reporter's Diary

A tour of the sets of a reality TV show proves to be more fascinating than the eventual telecast.

The disinvestment department will provide information needed by market participants on forthcoming, current and post public offers.
We takes a tour of India’s largest onshore oilfield in Rajasthan’s Barmer district as it goes into production.
From mining to real estate to stock market, NRIs are keen to invest in India. Can the government seize the moment?
At a business plan contest in Chennai, participants whip up innovative ideas, but fall short on pitching it right.
N. Madhavan travels to Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu to check out how BT cotton has changed the lives of farmers there.
Reeling from an onslaught by the Taliban and crippled by an electricity crisis, businesses in Pakistan are forced to survive in a world fraught with risk and uncertainty.
Shrimp and prawn farming, once big business in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, is on the verge of collapse. But the White Prawn may herald a new boom.