Bhagavathi Ana Labs: Never down and out

     Print Edition: Nov 14, 2010

Best SME for CSR (Small)

Bhagavathi Ana Labs
Person: Bhagavathi Haribabu
Turnover(2009-10): Rs 9.8 crore
PAT (2009-10): Rs 2.5 crore
Business: Consulting, testing

His dream is to build a self-sustainable hostel for at least 400 people afflicted with Down's syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes mental disabilities. The problem: such a hostel would require at least Rs 20 crore in the bank. But B. Haribabu, Managing Director of Bhagavathi Ana Labs, is ready to even sell a stake in his company. "Our understanding is that the physically and mentally challenged account for three per cent of India's population, which is a huge number. Our aim is to try and create awareness," he says. Haribabu is, perhaps, best placed to understand the problem, as his son Krishna Teja was only 21 days old when they learnt that he had Down's syndrome.

Today, Krishna Teja, 23, is getting to be independent in his own way. He dresses up on his own. He visited his father's office to meet BT and showed how he helps out with the photocopying.

"The hostel will have its own dairy and farm, and house those who are orphans or children whose parents do not have the money to support them," says Haribabu. Parents of such children have a unique problem as they cannot even open a bank account for them, and so have to depend on a third agency to ensure long-term support for their children.

-E. Kumar Sharma

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