How to get the best out of a phone's GPS

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: July 2012

Yes your phone may get outdated when a new operating system is launched. Or you simply want to upgrade to a newer model. What do you do with the old phone? We suggest you use it as a navigation device.

Since 2007-2008, smartphones have been coming armed with GPS for pinpoint location determination with the aid of a satellite system. In conjunction with onboard maps, this technology can be used to chart out routes or locate addresses. The technology was upgraded with Assisted-GPS, which used the cell-phone network along with the satellites to determine the position. The biggest advantage smartphones have over stand-alone GPS devices is the capacitive touch display.

NO SIM: First remember that it would be a good idea to use the phone on offline (or airplane) mode to avoid blockage of a SIM card and monthly data expenses.

WORK OFFLINE: Download third-party software like MapmyIndia and SatGuide to enable your phone to work offline. Nokia Maps now work offline and don't need any additional data. However, Google maps on Android as well as those on BlackBerry and iPhone need data connectivity.

MOUNT IT: You can invest in a car mount or a car charger so that you don't end up carrying your phone everywhere you go.

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