How to play 3D on your PC

Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: July 2012

You can always buy a 3D television set to watch content with real depth. But it is possible to do the same on your PC, especially with games. However, this won't come cheap.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Intel i3,i5,i7 processors with compatible motherboards, NVIDIA graphics card with Blu-Ray compatibility, minimum 2 GB of RAM, hard disk as per your usage and Blu-Ray drive (optional).

CONTENT & SOFTWARE: The biggest trouble with 3D is getting stereoscopic content. But if you manage to find some files, you can play them on a Windows PC using the Stereoscopic Player, available as a free download. The software can also be used to upscale 2D content to 3D. In addition, it gives multiple 3D options to suit your display mode. It is relatively easy to buy and play 3D content if your PC or laptop has a Blu-ray drive.

DISPLAY: Even if you manage to play 3D files you will see the stereoscopic effect only if you have a 3D monitor. ASUS, LG and BenQ have 3D monitors for prices starting around Rs 15,000.

TIP: A good alternative is to get yourself a 3D projector. Acer and Epson have 3D-ready options which will be able to project the 3D content from your PC. prices start around Rs 30,000.
Alternatively, you can buy a Visuz Chromatic Light Deflector filter and attach it to your old 21.5 or 22-inch monitor. This new technology from ThreeD Holograms advances the brightness, clarity, and improves transitioned viewing angle of displayed 3D images without the need for glasses. To watch 3D on a regular monitor using the filter, you will also need a Visuz all-in-one driver and Power DvD player version 11. This option also lets you switch between 3D and 2D at will by simply removing the filter from the monitor. The Visuz CLD package costs Rs 19,500.

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