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Glimmer of hope

     Print Edition: July 22, 2012

With the economy going into a tailspin, infrastructure has once again become the engine expected to pull India out of the woods. In June, just after it transpired that India's growth rate the previous financial year was the lowest in nine years, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talked about how a big push for infrastructure could increase investment.

Video:Infrastructure could revive India growth story

The gargantuan numbers tossed around - mostly the $1 trillion requirement over the next five years - endow infrastructure with a transformational status. Conversely, the sector encapsulates all the shortcomings stifling the economy. Volatile regulations, land acquisition problems, sudden changes in operating environments all show up in this troubled area.

Business Today's reporters took a close look at four key areas - highways, power, airports and land acquisition - that are critical to pull in $1 trillion in investments over the next five years. Contrary to popular perception, it's not all gloom. Progress is being made, albeit tortuously. In the final analysis, infrastructure could indeed turn out to be the engine of India's resurgence.

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