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Adding Zip to the Chip - Debjani Ghosh

Sunny Sen        Print Edition: Oct 14, 2012

When Debjani Ghosh took over as Intel's South Asia Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, in January, she felt the company lacked the speed a technology company should have. She has thus been taking measures to quicken the pace of decision making.

Biggest Challenge

Coming to terms with the fact that the market is changing dramatically

Ghosh says this is the biggest "organisational change" she is bringing about. She adds that Intel, the foremost maker of computer chips, remains relevant despite the rapid growth of tablets and smartphones, in which it does not have a strong presence. Her biggest task for India is to see that the country gets on the technology adoption curve. "It is not about how many people have the devices, but what are they doing with them," she says.

Meher Pudumjee 

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