How to keep your phone safe

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: July 2012

When mobile phones were used only for calls and text messages, the only fear we had was about losing the phone and contacts. But as more and more features are being added to smartphones, there is a lot more confidential data at risk. And it is not only hackers who are eyeing your smartphones for sensitive data, there are also others spying on you. Here are some tips to help you in keep your smartphone safe:

WITH YOU: Don't ever leave your phone unattended, especially at public places. Letting it lie in the open gives others an opportunity to access your data. Always carry your phone in the pocket or in the handbag.

PASSWORD: Even if you don't have any sensitive data on your phone, password protection is a must. While in Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone , you can have PIN password, Google's Android smartphone offers you a host of options-PIN, pattern, face, face and voice recognition (depending on the handset and OS version). Never use your name, birth date, address, car number plate, etc, as the password. In certain devices, there is the option to wipe the phone clean after a defined number of wrong password attempts. (See "How to set a safe password" below).

USAGE: As on your PC, avoid opening links or downloading attachments in emails from unknown sources. Also, only download third-party applications from official application stores. While Apple is strict about the apps listed on the Store, there have been reports about bad apps on the Google Android Market (now Google Play). So it is recommended that you check the app review and the source before downloading. Plus, while using Wi-Fi hotspots, avoid keying in your password and credit card details.

ANTI-VIRUS & REMOTE WIPE: Recently there have been reports about malware attacks targeted at Android phones. This indicates that you should actually consider installing an antivirus software that will scan each and every document, image, web links and even apps and keep the phone protected from unwanted virus attacks. Most of the antivirus software available on the App Stores are paid ones and offer full protection. Some software also have the option of a remote wipe to remove all data in case the phone is lost.

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