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The Right Medicine - Vinita Gupta

Suman Layak | Print Edition: Oct 14, 2012

Vinita Gupta, CEO, Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc
Vinita Gupta, CEO, Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc
In June, Vinita Gupta, CEO of Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc, the Indian drug maker's US unit, received the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award from Ernst & Young in the health services and technology category for Maryland state of the US. Over the past year, the US business of Lupin crossed the $500 million mark.

Biggest Challenge

To bring in the changes required that will continue to set the company apart from the competition, and to attain a good work-life balance

Her contribution to Lupin Ltd, where she is a director, was best acknowledged when, in an interview in August, her brother Nilesh Gupta, also a director in Lupin, said Vinita was ahead of him in the race to lead the company, headed by their father and Chairman Desh Bandhu Gupta.

"There has been a major change over the last 10 years, with the acceptance of more women in leadership positions in India," says Vinita. "This is a very positive change for women at a time when they are increasingly making their careers an important part of their life balance."

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