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Talent for Spotting Talent - Chiki Sarkar

twitter-logoManu Kaushik | Print Edition: Oct 14, 2012

Since she joined Penguin Books India (PBI) as publisher 14 months ago, Chiki Sarkar has proved her ability to spot talented authors and handle business. PBI published about 240 titles last year and is looking at a similar number this year. Sarkar, 35, says she spent the past year changing processes, systems and cultures at PBI.

Biggest Challenge

The publishing industry is all about finding talent and getting things out into the world

"It's been a year of big thinking and big changes for PBI," she says. Sarkar has been trying to bring in more variety to Penguin's list of authors that already includes most of the top Indian English authors.

"My biggest passion is to find new talent. It's why I do what I do," she says. Sarkar also wants to improve the quality of PBI's titles. Some promising upcoming ones include Amit Chaudhuri's non-fiction book about Kolkata, a new book by Amartya Sen, and a new novel by Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid.

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