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Repeat Success - Renuka Ramnath

G. Seetharaman        Print Edition: Oct 14, 2012

The anxiety-ridden days after she quit ICICI Venture in April 2009 after over 20 years with the group, have been left far behind.

Biggest Challenge

A responsibility towards the ecosystem. Our values should reflect that

Renuka Ramnath's private-equity firm, Multiples Alternate Asset Management, which she set up thereafter, is riding high. "I underestimated the response from the market. I no longer had a large institution behind me. Yet what has surprised me is that we have been able to look at every transaction any large, established PE fund would get a chance to do," she says.

Since August 2011, Multiples has invested Rs 450 crore of its sector-agnostic fund's Rs 2,000 crore corpus in four deals, including in Indian Energy Exchange and South Indian Bank. The current weak economic conditions do not worry her.

"Even now, there are low-hanging fruits to capture," she says. And, she sure knows which ones to pick.

Meher Pudumjee 

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