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Technology Special

We take a look at the hi-tech gadgets that are impacting our businesses and our lives, the most.
Team BT | Print Edition: October 25, 2015
Technology Special

High tech is moving mainstream. The academic subject of artificial intelligence is powering computers that not only drive innovations in a variety of industries, but can also 'learn' on their own and evolve. Robots that look much like humans, and do as humans do and beyond, are becoming increasingly real. Wearable gadgets such as smart watches, glasses, bracelets, shoes, socks, etc., have moved from the realms of fantasy novels and sci-fi movies to our everyday lives. And drones have moved beyond army men spying on the enemy to authorities using them to track survivors in natural disasters. In an age that is redefining what technology means to humans, we take a look at the ones that are impacting our businesses and our lives, the most.

  • Wear me: Gadgets that wrap - around your body and your lives
  • Think like me: Computers that think - more than you can imagine
  • Use me: Robots that serve - both households and industry
  • Fly me: Drones that, well, fly - but you can't fly


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