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Getting smarter

India's urban infrastructure could change for the better as work begins on Smart Cities.


Thermal power projects are staring at a bleak future as renewables surpass them in capacity addition.

How India is creating infrastructure for the future.

The government's plan to revive airports and subsidise fares, to take flying to the masses, is riddled with problems.

The transition to a cashless economy requires building a safe and secure payment infrastructure.

Pande, Managing Director, HR, Accenture India knows that he has struck the right chord with the employees.

Small businesses rise up to the challenges of stiffening competition, increasing costs and slowing export markets.


India is keen to become a power major but its existing power grid requires a massive overhaul.

A motley group of emerging infrastructure companies has seen rapid growth in recent years.

Several government steps over the years have made digital payments affordable.

These less-discussed applications of fintech can transform microloan pricing and personal finance, leading to fair lending and wider inclusion

Wearable gadgets such as smartwatches, glasses, bracelets, shoes, socks, etc., have moved from the realms of fantasy novels and sci-fi movies to our everyday lives.