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Indoor air purification made easy with Aeroguard Clean Air Glo from Eureka Forbes.
twitter-logoNidhi Singal | Print Edition: June 7, 2015
Aeroguard Clean Air Glo

Aeroguard Clean Air Glo
PRICE: Rs 1,390

Indoor air purifiers work well but are usually expensive. The Aeroguard Clean Air Glo from Eureka Forbes is an affordable LED bulb with built-in ionizers, which, the company claims, eliminates smoke, odour, and airborne allergens while creating a healthy environment.

The Clean Air Glo is a 5W LED bulb with a wick sitting on the top of the bulb's dome. When the LED is turned on, the wick starts releasing negative ions in the air. This starts pushing particles (with foul smell and allergens, among others) having positive charge to attract and stick to each other before disintegrating slowly. The terms negative and positive here works in a reversed way. Technically, negative ions are odourless and have an extra charged electron. This technology helps clean the air and is used in several other air purifiers.

While testing, I installed the LED bulb at various places, including the washroom, kitchen and at my bedroom. The Glo was successful in eliminating foul smell, making the air odour-free. After using it in the washroom for over a week, when I replaced it with a regular LED, I could feel the difference as there was foul smell in the air. Even when I used in the kitchen, it eliminated smoke within a short duration. It, however, works only when the bulb is turned on. Ideal for small-sized rooms, the Aeroguard Clean Air Glo manages to clean the air in around an hour. It can be installed at any regular bulb holder.

The 5W LED with built-in ionizer is available in Cold White (5500-6500k) and Warm White (2700-3500k) variants. Interestingly, it is far more bright in comparison to regular 5W LED bulbs. According to Eureka Forbes, the LED's lifespan is about 10,000 hours.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT: An affordable air purifier for small rooms that works well
PLUS: Compact size, price
MINUS: Works well only in small areas

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