Vengeance is Yours

If you have been thinking of upgrading your computer accessories so that you have a better chance at bettering your own scores in Assassin's Creed, then here is a set from Corsair that is worth every Rupee you put in it.
Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: October 2013
Vengeance is Yours

Vengeance K70
Rs 9,500
Gaming keyboards are usually much better and expensive than regular ones. But they also offer superior performance, the sort needed when you are out to save the world. The K70 is definitely better, but it is also stunning due to the red backlight that shines through the black buttons. These lights are fully customizable. There are dedicated multi-media keys too, and a rollover for volume adjustment. The black anodized brushed aluminum chassis also gives it a business-like look, though it also makes it a tad too heady to be used on the lap while resting back on a gaming chair. The K70 uses cherry red mechanical key switches, so you don't miss a stroke or hit while playing. There is 100 per cent transmission of signals. To ensure more accuracy your can replace the WASD and 1-6 keys with textured cherry red keys that are in the box. A similar texture is already there in the space key as well as the detachable wrist rest. The keyboard needs two USB connectors for the pass through and that might be a bit of an issue if you are already rigged up with other accessories. Thankfully, there is an extra USB port behind the chassis which we recommend you use for the mouse. The two connectors also make the fabric-covered cables extra thick. But we can live with that for the sake of a few more kills.

Rs 1,550

The MM400 offers superior grip on the surface it is kept on and smooth low-friction gliding for the mouse on top. It also improves tracking. But the mat is large and hopefully you have that kind of real estate.

Rs 4500

If the K70 was all about red, then the M65 is blue. This mighty mouse is twice as large and heavy as any other mouse you will encounter near a keyboard. But this also means, the M65 is much more accurate.

The M65 has a stunning aluminum chassis design that is ergonomic enough for you to have long sessions without developing carpal tunnel syndrome or a tennis wrist. The weight of the mouse can also be adjusted using the three tuning zones at the bottom. The mouse uses soft material all over to ensure comfort.

The 8200 DPI laser sensor offers precise tracking, which is the key when you are aiming for something big. Plus, there is a sniper button where you thumb will be to pump in some into the enemy.

Rs 5,350

In multi-player gaming, someone always sneaks up on you from behind. That is where a 7.1 headset like the Vengeance 1500 can make all the difference. In our tests, the Dolby headset stood its ground and we could hear all seven speakers distinctly enough to make out where they were. Along with a soft headband, the 1500 has comfortable extra-deep ear cups that creates a spatial effect for the sound to play in. It can get a bit hot after a few hours, but that is a side effect you will have to live with for superior sound. The mic lets you communicate with buddies.

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