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The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge seems to be a small step towards the future.
twitter-logoNidhi Singal | Print Edition: February 2015
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Flexible phones, curved smartphones... we have been talking about these futuristic designs for quite some time now. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge seems to be a small step towards the future.

Mastering the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 further, the Note Edge has a single piece of glass beautifully bending and covering the right edge of the phone. As a result, the power key has been moved to the top and the display size has been increased from 5.5 inch to 5.6 inch. The S-Pen and the charging port continue to be at the bottom panel. The main display of the phone has 1440x2560 pixel area while the strip on the side has an additional 160 pixels. While there is a one single continuous glass panel, it has been divided into two screens using the software.

Samsung has tweaked its UI for the Note Edge and the one that it runs on is referred as the 'Revolving UI'. On the home screen, there is a call button on the bottom left and the app tray on the bottom right. The four dedicated shortcut apps have been done away with and a row of seven apps has been added to the display on the edge. This can be accessed by swiping the personalised message that appears on the strip. There are multiple panels with widgets and icons that can be added and accessed on the strip display. These panels can be added by visiting the Edge tab under the phone's setting. Even the personalised message can be edited from the same location.

There is a separate notification bar on the strip display giving access to some rarely used apps - flashlight, measuring scale, stopwatch, timer and microphone. These can be launched and closed from the strip itself.

Samsung has smartly used the second display - while watching a video or listening to music, the controls move to the strip. Similarly, when using camera, the settings and the shutter key move to the strip, which makes it slightly difficult to operate. Thankfully, while browsing on Chrome, the strip display continues to be in the default mode. The strip once again comes into action in S Note. However, accessing the settings of the S Note with the S Pen is comfortable.

Notifications that appear on the top of the device also appear in the strip display. For instance, while downloading apps, the strip shows the message of successful installation or update.

When installed Nova launcher on the Edge, the strip display continued to perform the way it was performing with the Samsung UI.

While testing this smartphone, I often feared dropping the phone as the display on the side increases the chances of damaging the screen, which can turn out to be a costly affair. Also, the battery life was average as it gave me a day on a single charge.

Price: Rs 62,699
Plus: Innovation, display
Minus: Battery, restricted use of strip display

Bag it or junk it: The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is definitely a head turner but there isn't much value

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