Cutting the rope

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: June 2013

Portronics Wireless Skip
Price: Rs 1,799

If you have been skipping the skipping rope in your exercise regimen due to the fears of tripping on the rope, maybe you should get a Portronics Wireless. This Wireless skip is a skipping rope without the rope. The rope is virtual. The handles are light weight and compact, so as to easily slip inside and gym bag or jacker. A display has been added to one handle and shows and records features such as weight, skip count, calories burnt and workout time.

All this sounds good on paper, but using the wireless skip isn't even near the experience of using the actual thing. Somehow, the strength and effort needed with the regular rope wasn't required for the wireless version. The lack of a rope to jump over failed to inspire us to put in the efforts needed on a real skip. It is much easier skipping this way.

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