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The two new portable projectors from Portronics are easy to use and serve basic projecting needs.
twitter-logo Nidhi Singal   New Delhi     Print Edition: November 5, 2017
See Bigger

Portable projectors have been around for a while, but the newer ones are redefining the big screen experience. Portronics has just launched two portable LED projectors - Beem 100 and Progenie. How good are they? Let's find out.

The Beem 100-lumen LED projector weighs less than a kilo. Once set up - just plug in and play - it can produce a 130-inch screen size. Despite being reasonably priced - at Rs 9,499 - it comes well equipped with connectivity ports and controls. There is an HDMI port, USB and USB out ports, memory card reader, VGA port, AV port along with AV cable and a 3.5-mm port on the sides. Although it comes with a remote, the device itself houses all the basic controls.

When plugged in, Beem 100 is quick to detect the source and start projecting. I was able to play movies directly through the pen drive, but to project presentations, I had to connect my laptop with an HDMI cable. The same holds true for the Progenie projector. One can switch between the movie and presentation mode manually. The inbuilt speaker offers sound good enough for a small room. While the presentations looked fine, the movie watching experience was not up to the mark. Clarity and colour reproduction on the display leave a lot to be desired. The projector works silently; but the vent throws out a lot of heat. It is a good buy for start-ups looking for a basic projector.

Those of you willing to spend more can consider the Portronics Progenie that comes with built-in battery and tripod. Don't go by its size, the Progenie is quite a powerhouse. The 100-lumen LED projector uses Texas Instrument's DLP technology to offer impressive projection. The images and videos projected on the 80-inch screen projection are crisp, but the sound output is a let-down. You may have to plug in an additional speaker.

On one side of the projector are the basic controls such as on/off, volume control and focus adjustment; on the other two sides are the connectivity ports - HDMI, USB, AV ports, a microSD card slot along with a 3.5-mm port. The Progenie can be used to project from a distance of up to 10 feet. It was quick to play movies from the pen drive.

The inbuilt battery gets charged quickly. It lasted for over 90 minutes while projecting a movie and even more when projecting presentations. Compact and portable, this one is great for entertainment and for office use.

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