Keeping big brother at bay

Every company has a strict Internet and email policy, which clearly sets out what an employee can do and can't on social networks. The proliferation of personal devices in the workplace is, however, making it increasingly difficult to monitor employee behaviour.

Headphones incorporating noise cancelling technology make a world of difference.

4K TVs have great clarity, but that is not enough to ensure their widespread use.

Digitise your contacts so you don't have to transfer them manually to your new phone.
Email is evolving, especially to meet the needs of smartphone users.
Dolby Atmos is transforming the way sounds reach movie audiences.
The operating system has jumped out of the phone and could soon run the world.
The desktop is still king when it comes to work situations that need lots of processing power.
The innovative uses the tablet is being put to are mind boggling.
Transiting from the digital to the physical world, and vice versa, is getting easier.
Devices like the 'phablet', which perform multiple functions, will rule in the future
Trends at this year's Consumer Electronics Show suggest devices and appliances will soon be much faster and smarter than before.
Adopting new and convenient audio technologies makes for a sound idea.