The projector has undergone a transformation over the past year, thanks to new technology.

From smartphones to 'phablets', it is all a story of digital concurrence
The problem with many of us who think access to the Net is our natural right and any attempt to stop us from doing so is a violation of our freedom of expression.
The favoured weapon of the couch potato could be overtaken by technology.
Do not underestimate the power of the human brain.
Fourth-generation telecom technology gives India entry into a select club.
Facebook's success is in stark contrast to the paltry memberships of India-specific social networks, which many companies have tried to set up.
It is remarkable how sophisticated vehicles are becoming.
There is no doubt that the digital revolution - the array of personal devices that keep everyone connected - has changed human civilisation forever.
Android users need to be very discriminating while downloading apps.
Point-and-shoot cameras nowadays come overloaded with redundant features.
Intel's idea behind Ultrabooks was to provide a device which is as convenient to carry around as a tablet while being able to do much more.
Sound quality is improving even as speakers and mikes get smaller.
Display technology is pushing the barriers of visual perception.
Improved navigation aids have made reaching unfamiliar destinations easy.
Two US Bills, which prompted many sites to black out in protest, affect us all.