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twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: October 2012

GENIUS MOUSE PEN M508WX (Price: Rs 10,000)

Creativity can't be restricted to pen and paper. So Genius, like Wacom, has launched a tablet to meet the demands of professional graphic artists. The MousePen M508WX is a sleek tablet that comes with a pen and cordless mouse.

The tablet is powered by AA batteries, but you need to connect a dongle to the PC after installing the software. Then you need to launching the io Tablet software for it to spring to life.

Unlike other tablets, this has a workable area of 5x 8 inches. We can create a new sheet to draw or write by launching the Pen Drawer and selecting the tools from the tool box.

The worksheet, by default, is saved into a JPG file. However, we can choose from a wide range of file options like PNG, MNG, TiF, TGA, etc. There is also a Pen Sign tool.

Four convenient keys above the workable area help users to go back, erase, zoom in and zoom out. The 2.4 wireless connection aided by the dongle lets you work within a 10-meter radius.

Like other tablets, the pen is also the mouse for all practical purposes and doubles as a selection tool. It takes some time getting used to though.

A decent pen tablet, but take a look at Wacom too.

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