Sweat it out

Print Edition: December 2012

Rs 8,663

Earphones for the gym are always about design that make them stay where they should and keeping out sweat. Audiophile quality sound has never been a factor in this segment though the sound has been good. But what if you could get Bose quality sound in a sports headphones?

The Bose SIE2i is meant for those who take their exercise and music very seriously. We tested a fluorescent coloured model which we used during workouts, long walks and even some autumn drizzle to test its mettle. To start with water and humidity is not an issue for these in-ear phones. In fact, Bose's StayHear tips plug in so well that not only do they stay on place during whatever you do, it also keeps you aware of the surroundings without affecting the sound. After all, it wouldn't be a good idea to go for a job on Indian streets when you can hear beyond your music.

The cable is durable and won't come off your earphone or anything. But it is originally a bit short that you do not have a tangle of wires when you are plugged into a music player on your Reebok fitness armband that comes in the box. But you have an extension cable in case you are the type who holds the phone or music player in your hand.

The sound quality is amazing, but then that is a sort of foregone conclusion with a Bose device. Bose uses its TriPort acoustic technology on this set and we could make out that the sound was full and you did not miss out any of the notes. Then, this device also lets you take calls with a small build in mic near the volume control on the cable. It worked with three different phones, though Bose is mainly targeting the iPhone segment. There is a cheaper version without the hands-free option.

Audiophile quality sound for sweaty conditions

Text by Nandagopal Rajan
Photographs by Rajwant Rawat

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