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The LG Pocket Printer weighs 212 grams and will easily come in your pocket and go where you phone goes.
Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: October 2013
LG Pocket Printer:

LG Pocket Printer
Price: Rs 14,999
Rating: 4.5

These days everything centres around the mobile. But how many of you would have predicted a portable printer that is as mobile and the devices with they are meant to be used with.

The LG Pocket Printer weighs 212 grams and will easily come in your pocket and go where you phone goes. Like any smartphone these days, the printer too has minimal buttons. In fact, it has just one for power. It charges quickly through a USB port and a single charge is good enough to finish a 10-sheet cartridge of photo paper.

Smartphones can connect to the printer wirelessly. But for that the phone must have the LG Pocket Photo app in the iOS or Android device. The phone then pairs through Bluetooth, or NFC, to transfer images to the printer. The app also lets you do some Instagram-like editing. Plus, you can add additional text and even a QR code with extra info. The app also tells you the status of the printer and allows you to change the settings.

The printer uses Zink, or Zero-ink, technology made popular by Polaroid a couple of years back. The printer does not have cartridges, so it heats up the photo paper which has embedded crystals to create the image. Strangely, for this to work you need to add a blue sheet (supplied with the paper) under the photo paper. So once a print has been initiated, you see the blue sheet being spit out, pulled back, and spit out again before the actual print start emerging. But, thankfully, this entire process takes under a minute.

The printer has a resolution of 313dpi and the 50mm x 76mm prints are surprisingly good. We tried different types of prints from black & whites to highly saturated ones and they all came out good. However, we noticed that the printer has a tendency of getting stuck when you push in all the 10 sheets along with the blue one. So it is better to print one sheet at a time.

The only issue with the LG Pocket Printer is its price. The printer cost Rs 14,999 with 10 sheets and a set of 30 additional sheets costs Rs 1,099 extra. At the end of 100 prints your cost per print would be Rs 183. And that too for wallet size prints. So there is a need for a serious cost-benefit analysis here. You really need to ask if this innovative device is really worth it. Does it really fit your pocket?

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