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Print Edition: December 2012

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio
Price: Rs  8,999
If you have started using your iPad as a full-fledged computer, you are one of those who already has or is contemplating the purchase of a keyboard for your tablet. We found a good option for such people in the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio.

Firstly, this is a folio and will cover and offer protection to your precious iPad. The outer case is leather, while inside there is a rubberised frame to hold the iPad in place. Second, there is the Bluetooth keyboard which takes under a minute to pair with the tablet. The keys have a nice travel and are easy to use even for long duration. However, the keyboard is the width of the iPad hence has smaller keys. In our first try we had an accuracy of around 80 per cent, which we are sure will go up with practice. But till then you will need to hold back your speed to get the spellings right.

Apple does not allow external devices to do much in its systems, and hence iPay keyboards cannot do any navigation beyond taking you to the homescreen. This one too does the same with the home button at the top right corner. Plus, it lets you open search as well as the virtual keyboard with function keys. There are also functions keys to select text, cut, copy and paste, all of which worked without a glitch.

The other good thing about this Folio is the solar panel at the bottom which charges the keyboard using sunlight. There is a battery check button on the right which has a small LED indicator to show if the keyboard needs to be charged.

Bag it or junk it?
One of the best keyboard/folio options available for the iPad.

Text by Nandagopal Rajan
Photographs by Rajwant Rawat

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