Slim as slim can be

You won't find many other Ultrabooks that are this thin at this price range. Buy this if style and portability give you a high.
Nandagopal Rajan | Print Edition: October 2013
Sony VAIO Pro 13

Sony VAIO Pro 13 (SVP1321WSNB)
Price: Rs 74,990
Rating: 4.5
Specs: Windows 8, 13.3-inch 1080p TFT, Intel Core™ i5-4200U, 4GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4400, NFC, 322 x 17.2 x 216 mm, 1.06kg

Sony Vaio has always been a premium brand among laptops. Even their affordable devices had an elitist feel about them, making it popular among those who cared for style along with power. The latest Sony Vaio Pro 13 is no exception.

This 13-incher is as thin and as light as Ultrabooks can be. In fact, when we first held the box we were not sure there was a laptop inside it. Yes, this ultra-thin computer weighs all of 1.060 kg and is 17mm thick at its tallest point. That is the sort of portability the Ultrabook was originally supposed to bring in. The design is classy too with a carbon fibre body with sharp edges that accentuate the sleekness. To add to the style quotient of this black beauty, the Vaio logo shines through in chrome.

This series also bring Sony's patented Triluminous display - they use it in 4K TVs now - to the laptop. This full HD display can recreate a whole array of the same colour is much more vivid detail than anything we have seen so far on Ultrabooks. It is also touch-enabled. The sound quality is also good, even though the speakers are nowhere to be found. The backlight keyboard is isolated in a matt finish surface and the other buttons on the body are the Assist key and glowing green power button. The trackpad is a bit stubborn though, maybe because you have a touchscreen for assistance.

With a device this sleek, users often fear a compromise in performance. The Vaio Pro 13 is quick off the block, powering up in just about five seconds. The Intel Core i5 processor was able to complete the tests tasks, though with a couple of seconds lag here and there. For more power you will need to buy the more expensive Core i7 version. We also noticed that the device stays cool even when performing labour intensive tasks and this is good for the kind of people who will buy a portable device. The battery is good for at least six hours with regular use and you can squeeze and hour more if you adjust the brightness of the screen.

One good feature about Vaio devices these days is the Vaio Care software that helps you solve regular maintenance issues easily. A Vaio movie creator and Sony Music' Jive app also come pre-loaded on the device. You won't find many other Ultrabooks that are this thin at this price range. Buy this if style and portability give you a high.

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