Standing tall

Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: March 2013

Rs 9,999
Specs: 50Wx2, 40Kz-20kHz, MP3, USB, SD card reader, FM

The Zeb-T9500RUCF tower speakers from Zebronics are as large as they come. You will need help to cart the box anywhere, as well as to unbox the two-piece set. By large we also mean that this speaker set is not meant for a small, one-room urban household. You better have a large living room if you want to play this.

We have a strong reason for suggesting a large room. This speaker has a large volume, which can be controlled both using the remote as well as the knob on the right of the left speaker. There are knobs below for bass, treble and mic volume - yes, you can use this for karaoke too. There is a front panel with an archaic-looking liquid crystal screen for basic navigation. But this navigations is pretty basic as you can just skip from song to song on your USB drive or SC card. Try listening to song number 51 and you will start crying for a folder skip option. The infra-red remote is also a bit sluggish. The same has to be used to scan and save FM stations too. But that wasn't such a bad experience thanks to the auto mode.

Thankfully, there is not much to complain about the sound. The only people who will complain will be the neighbours if you decide to test the higher volume levels of this unit. Being loud does not down out the music as the speakers have a good frequency range of 40Kz-20kHz.

The driver are large too and hence you have a good bass output. But we feel you would not really want to listen to a Carnatic keertan on this one. This is more for the David Bowie lowers.

Good music quality, but not very easy to use.

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