Plastic sound

Print Edition: December 2012

Zebronics Brio
Rs 475

The Zebronics Brio is quite unlike any of the headphones we have tested, and that is more because of its looks than its performance. The techno design is plasticky; in fact that seems to be the only material used on the device. However, it is still very stylish, though it kept reminding us of Flash Gordon for some reason.

Caged inside transparent plastic earcups are the soft contact surfaces, which, despite being quite comfortable to wear, are a bit small for an on-ear headphone. The headband is allplastic and hence lightweight. It is also easily adjustable. There is an extra long 2.2 metre cable with the headphone in case you want to use it while leaning back to watch a movie.

The music quality was very good, nothing plasticky there for a change. With a frequency response range of 20 HZ to 20000 HZ it is good enough for all kinds of music. But we don't think the headset will be a good idea if you want to use it for long hours. This is more for snacking, a song here, a YouTube video there. The Brio comes with an inbuild mic, which has been added in a dongle where the left/right cords merge as one.

The microphone has good catch, but we kept hearing a sound in the headphone when the mic was working, though not a big irritant. This added feature can make the Brio a good choice for those looking at an accessory for web and video chats. This also means an extra mic input cord, so don't think of using this on devices other than your PC or laptop.

Well, we are not complaining much as this is a budget device, with a very affordable price of Rs 475. At that price, you just can't complain.

Bag it or junk it?

Plasticky, but good sound

Text by Nandagopal Rajan
Photographs by Rajwant Rawat

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