Pricey Real Estate

twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: October 2012

Price: Rs 39,990

In an effort to invade the tablet galaxy, now dominated by the Apple iPad , Samsung has introduced its popular digital pen interface for a 10.1-inch touch device. The concept has been around for a while and even HTC had tried its luck with the Flyer.

Along with the extra real estate, the plastic-bodied Galaxy Note 800 also comes with a special slot for storing the S Pen. As soon as you pull out the pen, a special menu pops up on the screen. This features S Note, S Planner, Crayon Physics, PS Touch, Polaris Office and settings.

The S Note has some utility features like formula match, shape match and handwriting-to-text, all of which work well. Similarly, the formula match recognises any formulae scribbled on the note pad.

To initiate a search, the screen gets divided into S Note and the browser. Alternatively, just hit the multi-screen option at the top right to open a partition for an app. You can swap the panes by just dragging the window from the top.

Shape match, meanwhile, finetunes shapes drawn using the digital pen. The handwriting-to-text features was a bit slow as the software read every line individually, during which time we could not write any further. We can also add an image from the gallery or click a new image. The bright HD display was good for watching movies and playing games. The speakers on the front edges offer great sound.

We accessed our emails flawlessly, browsed the web and downloaded third party apps. Along with the 3G SIM slot you can use Wi-Fi to go online.

The right tablet with the wrong pricing.

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