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How to Pack Smart

Clever strategies for an organised luggage bag and comfortable travel
Team BT | Print Edition: December 3, 2017
How to Pack Smart

There's undeniable thrill in packing a suitcase at the very last minute, but there's every chance that you may forget the essential stuff. Instead, if you pack with a formula in mind, based on tried and tested tricks, you could add immeasurably to your travel experience.

'Roll not fold' is what a lot of people recommend. It actually makes clothes less prone to wrinkling and results in better use of precious space. Perhaps not every item of clothing lends itself to being rolled up, but most do, including trousers. Invest in some packing cubes and pouches that are available online in different sizes. Not only can you put in rolled items to stop them from getting displaced in your bag, but also quickly identify the contents of your suitcase using their different colours without disturbing the other stuff. Use synthetic shoe bags instead of wrapping that extra pair of shoes in cloth and allowing the shoe smell to transfer to other things in the case. You can choose the flexible variety or the slightly stiffer material. Get a good toiletries case and pick up readily available light plastic bottles to take along your shower gel, shampoo, etc. Make sure you take along toothpaste, in case it is unavailable at the hotel. If you're headed for a very busy trip, pick up a bottle of dry shampoo. It will fluff up and enliven your hair just in time for a meeting, especially if you hit the ground running as soon as your flight lands.

Find small bags or spectacle cases to stash away your plugs and wires, and save precious time trying to disentangle them. Get yourself a universal travel adaptor, one with a lot of USB ports so you can charge several gadgets at one time or get a little charging station to connect to the adaptor.

With these tricks, your bag will be far more organised. Moreover, subsequent packing will be easier because some items can be replenished and stored right back in their pouches for the next trip. Finally, invest in a luggage tracker and a personalised tag that will ensure some peace of mind during your travels.


Get Wiser With Money

the one thing every young couple wants to do is save enough quickly and retire early. While that sounds easy, implementing it is quite tough. The first step is to closely track the money you spend - keep a check on how much you spend and on what, remove all unnecessary costs and invest sensibly. What's most important is to not follow the herd. Just because your peer group is investing in huge houses, you need not follow suit. That could mean living frugally and investing in a small home when prices are low. After all, housing is the biggest expense for most people. By putting a cap on that, it is possible to save sensibly right from the beginning. Keeping a check on desires helps in the long run. Put off buying things that you do not really need. That could well be the first step towards planning for a long vacation with no monetary worries at the end of it.


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