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Of Serenity And Splendour

Discover everything you need to know about soul food, soothing decor, graceful fashion and a river retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas
Prachi Bhuchar   New Delhi     Print Edition: August 25, 2019
Of Serenity And Splendour
Perched above the River Ganges, The Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the majestic mountains

Plush and Peaceful

Taj Hotels has added another feather in its cap with the launch of a new property on the banks of the River Ganges. The Taj Rishikesh Resort and Spa is around 30 km from Rishikesh and offers magnificent views of the river and the Himalayan range. The resort syncs well with its pristine surroundings, and many natural elements have been incorporated to give the guests an authentic Garhwali experience. Gourmet dining, the magical Jiva spa and ample open space all around will help you enjoy all that is plush and peaceful. This is an ideal getaway for those looking to spend their vacation in the lap of nature.

Food, Drink and Decor

Fashion designers are known to collaborate with big brands, but a similar approach in other spheres has witnessed more creative pursuits. For instance, Raseel Gujral's prominent home design brand Casa Paradox has lent its design strokes to hospitality brand Olive Bar & Kitchen. A series of nature-inspired wall arts, brilliant blue paper lanterns and matching table accents have transformed the elegant colonial structure. But there is more to wow the patrons. The Sunderban Mahal, soothing in green, leafy wallpaper, is an essential part of Serai, the bar on the premises, and the Mediterranean-themed courtyard now has more than a smattering of blue as Gujral uses her Urban Jungle series to perfection in the form of wallpaper and other detailing. At a time when Olive is celebrating its 15th year, this novelty is more than welcome as it has given the place a magical facelift.

Soul Food, All Spiced Up

Restaurateur and chef Rahul Akerkar might have burnt his fingers in Delhi, but he is a favourite in Mumbai where he started his iconic restaurants under the Indigo label. After a four-year hiatus, he is back with Qualia, which is a true labour of love and distils the chef's experience over the years. With a high ceiling and an impressive all-glass front, an open kitchen, dark wood and deep, rich reds, the sprawling space looks impressive. The food, best described as soul food, looks good and tastes even better and has a wonderful blend of sweet and sour flavours. Pickle jars line the empty spaces in the restaurant and elements of pickle are there in almost every dish. Mumbai is lapping it up as there is plenty to experiment with at this new hotspot.

Grand and Mighty

This must be music to your ears if you are in love with music. Japanese brand Audio Note is often considered the ultimate luxury by those who love its exceptional audio, great craftsmanship and attention to detail, all of which make the brand so sticky. The Audio Note Ongaku, which is now available at the brand's exclusive outlet in Mumbai, is priced close to Rs 1 lakh, and rightly so. It takes highly skilled craftspeople 100 hours or so to handcraft this Holy Grail of audio, and the carefully chosen parts are the finest in the world. The outcome is an integrated amplifier that offers pure aural pleasure. This one is ideal for connoisseurs and up-to-date audiophiles looking for the next level in sound quality.

Luxe Cutlery

Connoisseurs across the globe are familiar with the luxury silverware brand Robbe & Berking, hailing from Germany. Not only has it found its way to some of the finest Michelin Star restaurants, but it is also the first choice of countless high-net-worth individuals looking to live life king size. With more than 140 years of experience behind it, the brand has won countless awards and been showcased in museums as well. It has now made its way to India in collaboration with a retail partner SR Artefacts, which is, once again, a respected name in luxury silverware. The cutlery produced by Robbe & Berking is a pure delight as everything is carefully handcrafted, thus setting the brand apart from competitors.

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