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The Classic & The Contemporary

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Prachi Bhuchar | Print Edition: August 12, 2018
The Classic & The Contemporary

Inspired by Nature

Luxury watch brand Rado has officially launched its 2018 True Thinline Nature Collection in India. Deeply inspired by the elements of nature, the watches feature the colours of the earth, ranging from deep blues and shimmering greens to rich browns. The collection blends the beauty of the natural world with the brand's design idiom and produces innovative timepieces. Rado has used high-tech ceramic to create watches that are in sync with nature but technologically impeccable. Each dial is unique as the company has partnered with Grandi Giardini Italiani, an organisation that promotes the rich heritage of grand Italian gardens. As a result, the pieces are a tribute to the forces of nature, and subtle, beautiful and brilliant on the wrist.

A Touch of Distinction

Putting pen to paper may have taken a severe beating over the past few years, but there is something classic and captivating when you unscrew the cap of a pen (a fountain pen at that) and write with a flourish. The latest Lapis Bard Contemporary Dark Metal Fountain Pen, made of light metal (aluminium) and chic rose gold trims, is a great piece of craftsmanship that spells intelligent engineering and refined aesthetics. With a nib that is smooth as silk, a cartridge ink-filling mechanism and a case that is simple and elegant, this pen has timeless appeal and is being lapped up by those looking to expand their collections.

Convenience & Comfort

If you are a corporate traveller, there is nothing more frustrating than poor Internet connectivity or bad room seating where you end up hunched over your laptop on the bed. On the other hand, if you are in start-up mode or work from home, you could be looking for a co-working space. So, the Shangri-La hotels have come up with an offering for Co-working spaces, Kafnu in Hong Kong and Prototype in Beijing. The co-working hub at the Colombo property will house modern, purpose-built spaces and locals can also work there. Individual workstations, meeting spaces, multifunction areas and a self-service kitchen are some of the key features. If you are travelling to any of these cities or spending a lot of time there, know that your work will be sorted.

Propeller Craft

Aeroplane propellers as decor may sound a bit far-fetched but WoodFeather's handcrafted propellers are all the rage right now. Each propeller is carved from a solid log and it takes skilled craftsmen weeks to work on each piece, given the range of designs and themes. This year's collection has been divided into teak, classic and signature lines. Most of them can be customised in terms of shape, size, colour and finish, and you can also get a personal message engraved on it. Fashion

Stay Stylish At Work


Italian luxury fashion brand Corneliani has launched its new collection called Formal Affair that focusses on formal suits and accessories for working men. With a range that features belts, bags, wallets, ties, shoes and suits, the brand has gone the whole hog to entice men who care about style even as they go about their daily work. Using the finest leathers, Corneliani creates accessories that look classy and elegant and suits in brighter, bolder colours. From monk straps to derbies, brogues and even loafers, their new shoe collection is for those who like to dress sharp at all times.

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