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Amazon's Kindle app has been available for VR headsets for a year or so.

Google's Pixel 3 XL is a software marvel, and the hardware does not take a backseat either.

Researchers are developing machine learning algorithms that can predict a patient's chance of recovery from a coma.

From ethnic couture to sporty casual wear, stellar gadgets to heritage hotel stay, here is a bouquet of must-haves to light up the festive season.

Experts have been talking about IoT safety for years, but safeguards are lagging.

Companies need to build and grow their corporate culture in sync with the values they project.

The new Nokia devices will not only be bloatware free but will also receive timely updates as and when these are released.

Air pollution causes health hazards, but a recent study says it also affects human intelligence.

From ultra-dense sound to ultra-speed bikes, vintage and trendy timepieces, and fabulous cars on rent, these must-haves will leave you awestruck.

This year's Galaxy Note is not about innovation but perfection.

Job pressure, strained relationship or other issues can trigger anxiety disorders, which may lead to depression.

Forget file transfer; here are some cool Android apps to mirror the phone screen on your Windows PC for work and play.

Rapid growth is essential in a fast-and-fierce digital environment, but there could be effective hacks to achieve that instead of huge cash burning.

Designed with precision, here are some gadgets that won't just suffice your needs but also perfectly complement your opulent lifestyle.

The sound output is great for the compact size and is good enough for a small indoor or outdoor gathering.

The rising tide of diabetes across age groups is alarming but staying active could help you tackle the menace.

Apple Watch Series 4 can perform ECGs, monitor heart rates, detect falls and contact emergency services if required.

The rise of the debt-prone economy indicates that the future will remain volatile.

Wearables, especially watches, are all about fitness. Now, Google wants to throw in a special assistant.