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The Break-Out Zone
Breathe Better

Pure Cool detects particles, gases and even odours present in the air with the help of the laser sensors under the thin cut-outs on the body.

It works in the panorama and face beauty modes, captures photos and videos and also provides AR stickers.

With special radios fitted in vehicles, commute time could be significantly reduced, especially during rush hours.

From unique sparklers to evolved speed machine and landmark camera, here is a look at the latest show-off pieces.

With thin bezels and a notch at the top, the front features a 6.2 inch display that is sharp and super bright with full HD-plus resolution.

Acute stress could trigger hypertension, cardiovascular conditions or diabetes.

Wireless security cameras are easy to instal and provide access to live feed without costing a bomb.

The pursuit of excellence could be daunting but the actionable guidelines will encourage people and organisations not to give up.

The slightly angular earbuds are a snug fit, and with the neckband balancing the weight, Bullets Wireless is comfortable to wear for long durations.

A new AI application enables one to see human posture and movement right through the wall; here's why we need it.


Wrong footwear and common foot problems may lead to severe health hazards.

From bite-sized sessions to gaming formats, learning languages online has become a convenient, fun-filled exercise.

Manipulative technologies, products of a digital dystopia, could destroy ideological strengths even in advanced democracies.

Unlike other fitness bands with proprietary chargers, GOQii Vital has a built-in USB that can be plugged into an adapter or a laptop.

Microbes can be used in large quantities to convert light into energy, even under overcast skies.

From splendidly crafted items to stylish workwear and more.

The biggest USP of Honor 10 is the stunning camera with loads of modes and settings.

Signs and symptoms of thyroid disorders can be subtle and often overlap with other health issues.

iOS12 will be looking to correct the problems of its earlier avatar. It also has a host of new features. Here's what users can expect.