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The Bharat Breakthrough

Rural and small town India was deprived of the benefits of banking innovations for decades. UPI, with its fast spread and ease of use and adaptability, is breaking the digital divide between India and Bharat.

"Drones are about to open up a completely new dimension in application areas as diverse as photography, delivery and security."
"India is taking the first steps to 5G, which offers data speeds that are 20 times faster and allows 100 times more devices to be connected compared to 4G."
"Technology is set to completely change the nature of your job. Experts differ only on the pace of change and the number of jobs that will be destroyed/created."
"Online P2P lending has emerged as a powerful source of alternative credit in India, especially for MSMEs."
"Get ready for lower trading costs and better order execution as algo trading catches on big time with the help of a conducive regulatory framework."
"The impact of rising temperatures, reducing rainfall and declining soil health will soon take a heavy toll on agriculture."
"India has one of the lowest insurance penetration rates among the big countries. The government is trying to change this through schemes such as Ayushman Bharat."

"The day is not far when, with sheer computing power along with AI and robotics, we will be able to deal with unstructured tasks."

"Drone taxis can be a solution to both road congestion and the heavy need for infrastructure."