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Weighed Down

More signs of an economic slowdown are emerging.


PepsiCo began the fight with potato farmers, but can the company end it?

As India's water table falls, it's important to opt for conservation measures.

Mineral-rich and alkaline water is slowly emerging as a niche space for seasoned water purifier players.

Deep-pocketed global investors are getting ready to monetise commercial real estate assets owned jointly with Indian partners.

Organisations must embrace a culture of learning to empower leaders with relevant skills and ingrain in them strong values.


The insolvency ecosystem is plagued by inadequate number of benches and staff crunch, resulting in delays.

As water gets increasingly scarce, companies see their future closely aligned with being water neutral or better still, water positive.

A handful of social enterprises are bridging the gap between people and potable water through water ATMs.

Desalination plants are expensive and environmentally risky, but emerging technologies and economies of scale can make them a sustainable solution.

Inefficiency and inequity in supply are two major reasons for the continuing stress.

After a successful succession, India's sixth-largest FMCG company is embarking on a fresh journey under new CEO Mohit Malhotra.

There is a heated debate in the country not only about how the economy is performing but also the credibility of numbers that measure economic progress.
The logistics industry in India is likely to grow 9-10 per cent a year, but investments are not keeping pace.

Powered by cutting-edge technologies, a clutch of Indian start-ups has developed out-of-the-box solutions to reduce pollution and generate clean energy.