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LG 55LM 8600
Price: Rs 2,65,000

The 55-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV brings the complete cinema experience to the home. This TV has an edge-to-edge screen with just a strip bezel (1mm) that replicates the theatre look. While it comfortably plays Full HD content, it is easy on 3D as well. The LG's 3D glasses aren't very heavy and are comfortable to hold. Even the 3D images and videos do not lose clarity. One can even upscaled the HD videos from 2D to 3D using the host of controls onboard. Lastly, this is a Smart TV with tones of apps and online content to play around. It has a 20w speaker with a loud sound output. Other connectivity options onboard include WiFi, WiDi, MHL, DLNA and LAN.


Price: Rs 1,60,000 + taxes
While settling down with the best entertainment gadgets , pamper yourself with the perfect massage chair. The Osim uComfort Pro massage chair offers a customised full body massage with versatile functionality. The massage chair is designed to ease tension and fatigue. You can select from the three automatic massage programmes with preset combination of massage functions for a relaxing and effective targeted massage any time. This chair automatically detects the shoulder position to offer a more personalised massage.

Price: Rs 24,990
This might sound a bit old, but Microsoft Xbox 306 with Kinect is still the best console available. With its gesture-control and motion-sensing
The next big thing for televisions is 4K, the ultra-high definition. While Full HD resolution is 1920 x1080p, 4K resolution is four times better at over 3840 x 2160p. The clarity of a 4K television is much superior to Full HD. The drawback: not much content to play on a 4K television. Also, the first wave of 4K televisions are extremely large at 84-inch screensize and prohibitively priced at Rs 12 lakh plus. But as time progresses we could see sizes and prices coming down.
technology, the Kinect brought a lot of physical activity to gaming. There are plenty of titles available for Kinect that you would love to play. There is also X-box Live, an online gaming community which has a comprehensive portfolio of games, best online multiplayer experience along with apps portfolio, including Facebook and Twitter Access.

Price: Rs 34,990
A dance party at home will be incomplete without the Philips DJ Party Machine. This gadget offers a rich sound experience while offering the dual rotatable docks that allows you to play, mix and even scratch music from the machine's archives. You can also dock two iPods/iPhones at the same time or even use a USB direct for easy MP3 music playback to swap and play music. This machine is designed with MAX sound technology that produces instant bass and maximizes volume performance. It has 300W RMS total power output.

Price: Rs 69,990
You can wear your own personal TV just like a pair of glasses. The Sony HMZ-T2 is a personal 3D Viewer that offers the equivalent of a 750-inch (1905 cm) virtual screen just 20 m away. The glasses have OLED panels that adjust pixel light emissions to zero for true deep black and stunningly beautiful high-contrast images. The viewer comes with an HDMI-U cable and can be attached to any device using the HDMI out. This includes a DVD player, a Blu-ray player or even a gaming console. For sound, there is a 3.5mm jack for headphones. The HMZ T2 has separate adjustable panels for the eyes and is capable of delivering superb 2D and 3D experience.

Price: Rs 19,013
This isn't like the regular Bluetooth speakers as it packs in a lot of power for a small party at home. The SoundLink doesn't need any extra spacing and can be placed in any corner of the room, even on a small side table. The cover attached to the base protects it when wrapped and acts as a base stand while playing music. Just connect the device over Bluetooth to stream the music. The inbuilt inbuilt rechargeable batteries play music for a good five hours. There is also an auxiliary option and narrow panel with LED indicators that displays the charging status and connectivity.

Price: Rs 2,800 onwards
With all the fancy gadgets around, you can enhance your pleasure by installing remote-controlled lights. Kremot offers a wide range of modules that can work flawlessly with existing fittings. By replacing the panel with the new module, you can control the lights from a distance.

Price: Rs 41,790
Offering a complete 3D premium sound is the Samsung HT D5550. It has the Crystal Clear Amp that minimises annoying distortions through multi-feedback while delivering original sound. The Radiator subwoofer, which is enclosed without air vent holes, produces low pitch sounds and reduces distortion. The integrated Smart hub feature brings online content to the home entertainment system. The HTS also has Wireless LAN built-in that removes the clutter of wires and cables.

Price: Rs 18,999
Hate the clutter of unwanted wires connected to the TV? Get the Belkin ScreenCast AV4 Wireless AV-to-TV Adapter. Connect your home-theatre equipment to the adapter and keep them out of sight in any cabinet within a 30-meter range. This adapter can connect 4 HDMI AV devices, including a Blu-ray player, gaming console and others, wirelessly. One can enjoy full HD 1080p resolution, 3D video and up to 5.1 channel sound. There is an IR blaster installed in the adapter that allows you to point remote to the SceenCast adapter to control the operations.

Price: Rs 59,990
The BenQ GP 10 aims to bring the big-screen experience to your home. The ultra-light LED projector weight 1.5 kg and has a 550 ANSI lumens bright lamp. It offers 30,000 hours of LED projection light. 3D ready, the GP 10 also has an optional detachable DVD player, HDMI multimedia connectivity, USB multiple format support, SD card slot, Wi-Fi and two built-in 3W stereo speakers.

It is time to move beyond the clutter of wires and enter a wireless world for all media transfers. No we are not just talking of Bluetooth-there are other wonderful technologies that can be used for wirelessly streaming music, photos and videos from one device to another. This includes your smart TVs, home-theatre systems, DVD-Blu-ray players, etc.

DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance is found in most of the gadgets today. It allows two devices with similar technology to share content over wired or a wireless network. The device automatically locates other DLNAenabled devices, or if located where wireless conenctivity is not possible, then on the same network, say Wi-Fi. This, therefore, would eanble sharing across different rooms in a house.

Wi-Fi Direct: This is an upcoming technology that enables wireless media streaming, without depending on the wireless network. This means, when two Wi-Fi Direct-enabled devices are brought close to each other, they pair with each other and create an independent connection.

Airplay: The proprietary technology from Apple works exactly like DLNA, but can be used for sharing content between Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad or iTunes with an HDTV and speakers. Once the devices are connected, tapping the AirPlay icon from videos, Safari, photos and music and selecting the available device instantly does the job.

All Share: Found in Samsung products, this technology gives users the option to connect wirelessly between a multitude of devices.

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