‘India is truly shining’

     Print Edition: November 30 2008

Established in 1847, cartier has now set up operations in India. BT’s Anamika Butalia spoke to Bernard Fornas, President and CEO of Cartier, during the Cartier “Travel With Style” Vintage event held in Mumbai last fortnight. Excerpts:

Bernard Fornas, President and CEO of Cartier
Bernard Fornas
Why is Cartier setting up a store in Delhi during a slowdown?
At Cartier, we prepare for the worst in our best times. We have worked towards this launch for three years and have not let market conditions deter us. India and Cartier have had a long romance and we are optimistic that our buyers will remain loyal.

What are your views of the luxury market in India?
The luxury market in India has seen a facelift in the last few years. India is truly shining. As with other brands, Cartier, too, hopes that taxes will be lowered in the coming years, which will help brands like ours to accelerate penetration into the country.

What does the future hold for Cartier?
We are still in the nascent stages of development in the growing Indian market. We have plans to set shop in Mumbai, too, but we’d like to bide our time in this case.

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