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From brand promotions and award ceremonies to mega sporting and cultural functions, planning, organising and executing are at the core of managing any event.

Devika Jeet        Last Updated: December 10, 2010  | 17:45 IST

Lights, camera, action... these words have been synonymous with the entertainment industry for generations but finally a change has come. The new mantra is all about pleasing the audience. This ranges from client servicing activities to providing well planned events. A new direction with a horizon of opportunities is event management.

The profession is best defined as the science of managing events is on a rise and has a promising future. FICCI has estimated event management to be a Rs 3000 crore industry by next year. "Event management is emerging as a top industry, growing at the rate of 35 per cent and proving to be a very lucrative and rewarding career", says Hoshi Bhiwandiwalla, founder dean and director of the National Institute of Event Management.

"India spends annually more than Rs 5000 crore to entertain the public and this figure is fast growing. Despite strict government regulations like high entertainment tax, 10 pm deadlines and harassment in licenses and permits; the event management industry is unstoppable and has a great future. Now more than 2000 companies have forayed into events. The present picture is extremely positive," adds Bhiwandiwalla.

An event is the successful implementation of a vision, bringing to reality a skillful blend of ideas, creativity, logistics, budgets, permits, people, performers and the publicity channels. The successful implementation has different departments working towards creating a success thus different placement opportunities.

These mainly consist of the creative team, client servicing, and the production department. The creative division will look after designing the event and its various components like stage and set designing. Client servicing and business development, as the name suggests, works towards get new clients and looking after them. The production department caters to logistics demands and along with the event planners, executes the event. Along with this, various departments like human resource, legal, licenses, artist management and accounts are also a part of the organisation.

Events in India have grown in a big way and can be classified into different categories. These were highlighted by Roshan Abbas, managing director, Encompass, who explains, "now events can be classified into different categories ranging from sports management to film awards and city specific events.

With the Commonwealth Games and F1 coming to India, sports management has seen a great boost. Film awards have now become a part of the industry and have been great success. New events like organised religion and city specific events are now growing. The Kumbh Mela and other festivals see a lot of event management behind them. The Jaipur literary festival and the Goa film festivals are popular events that have been showcased in a different way."

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