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Former Cisco Systems executive Padmasree Warrior

The search for Twitter CEO has gained urgency with the company board meeting scheduled for Thursday to discuss the shortlisted names for the same.

The SoftBank President has been active on Twitter for almost an year saying that it's a more efficient way of letting people form an opion of you.
With the elevation of Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google, the technology executives poured in their best wishes for the 43-year-old. Here's what they had to say:
Munjal has taken over from O P Munjal, who led the Ludhiana-based company for more than 60 years.
Rajan will join the e-commerce company as its Chief Strategy Officer next month.
Zuckerberg connected with his social networking community by answering an interesting mix of questions on Facebook in an hour-long session.
Pichai is only the third chief executive officer of Google after Schmidt and co-founder Larry Page.
Pichai aided his ascent by never trying to steal the limelight and advancing his agenda through quiet advocacy.
Mobius, one of the pioneers of emerging markets investing, is to hand over his responsibilities to Carlos Hardenberg.
ICICI Bank has appointed MK Sharma as non-executive part-time chairman for three years.
Muilenburg, 51, will succeed W.James McNerney as the new CEO as from July 1.