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Looking for the right asset mix? Avoid these common mistakes

A right asset mix helps you distribute your investment into various asset classes based on your risk appetite and financial goals. Your investment also gets diversified and hence it mitigates the negative impact of any sharp downturn in any particular asset

Wealth creation is a habit that you can inculcate but it needs a resolve and demands time
Bharat Bond ETF combines the features of close-ended fund and exchange traded fund, that virtually makes it an open-ended target maturity product
The BSE Midcap index is currently valued at 27 times its underlying earnings in the trailing 12-months compared to PE multiple of 35 times a year ago
The biggest mistake that most investors make in financial planning is ignoring the quantification, that is, calculating the required sum of amount for financial goals
The highest price of silver during the decade was recorded on 25 April 2011, when it clocked Rs 74,000 per kg due to the effects of the global financial crisis
If you had made a lumpsum investment of Rs 1 lakh in Sensex on Jan 1, 2010, you would have collected Rs 2.33 lakh by now
There are a few small finance banks that are offering interest rates higher than those in bigger banks in order to attract customers.
Fund manager Anupam Tiwari, who is managing the fund since October 2016, spoke to Business Today about how the fund has been able to buck the trend