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Though real estate is showing signs of revival, it will translate into higher stock prices only when there is a pick-up in the commercial space.

It's the season to drive a hard bargain in the residential real estate sector as desperate builders offer discounts and freebies to clear their inventories.
The pick-up in demand for commercial space is good news for the estate market and realty stocks.
According to a study conducted by the, residential rentals have continued to rise in sync with the increase in realty rates.
Paying rent could be a smarter option than buying a house, given the improving affordability and flexibility that tenancy offers.
It may not have the glamour of mobile phones or airlines but no-frills housing is beginning to get off the blocks and promises to be a big, big business.
Investing in real estate stocks, as opposed to a direct exposure to realty, is not only a sound strategy but will yield rich rewards in the coming years.
Customised home options, with desired floor plans, layouts and fixtures, are the new lures being used by developers to bring in customers.

Oversupply and new projects that are coming up in areas that are not fully developed are the reasons behind the price correction.

The commercial real estate market is in the doldrums, thanks to a huge supply overhang.