Investment legend Jim Rogers on his own life and why he is betting on Asia, especially China.

Go through this entertaining primer on stock market trading, which lists useful tips and practical pointers for beginners.
With a pulse on the female psyche, the book offers realistic solutions to the financial troubles of women.
Pick the book to identify how your investing logic may be cheating you and beat the biases that mar sound decision-making.
The author's secrets are common knowledge, but his success in investing should prompt a perusal of the book by investors.
A book for both investors and initiates, it will help you know about companies by deconstructing the basics and weeding out the jargon.
If you think your career will end when you retire, read this book. It explores feasible job options and the right approach to land them.
Did you know the legendary ‘Hebrew talisman’, supposed to be the secret behind the Rothschild fortune, is actually the bond market?
It's yet another primer on markets, but both veteran and novice investors can benefit from the lucid, sound advice.
The handy guide provides tips on how to ensure smooth career transitions by realigning your working style.
Conor Woodman stops providentially short of being the proverbial Jack. He trades relentlessly, but escapes the unflattering epithet because he masters a few.
It's common knowledge that bull markets breed financial fraud, and with the world heading towards an upswing, scamsters are bound to get creative sooner or later.
Using the Chinese paradigm is a good strategy to explain finance, but the two books fail on several counts.
Read the book only if you want to benefit from investor psychology or if you are an aspiring trader with strong fundamentals.
With its simple style and realistic approach to dealing with the challenges of a start-up, the book is a mustread for aspiring entrepreneurs.